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Start is a remarkable and engrossing read... fresh and direct, unguarded and brave. It made me wince and chuckle”

 ― Andrew Greig

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Hi, I’m Graham

I am a writer, among other things; based in Cardross, on the edge of Argyll where I live with my partner, her two children and Dash the dog.

My writing is about my life with Schizophrenia but it is also about my family and the natural world, about loneliness and death and alienation. That sounds pretty sobering ! I hope not! It is also about love and the joy of listening to the curlews on the Clyde and collecting seaglass from the seashore.

Do come and see some of my world and find out some of my thoughts; do have a look at some of my publications and speeches. It will be good to meet you.

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